The Soulwich

Our Stand-Out-Dish, that attracted a lot of attention recently is ‘The Soulwich’. The Soulwich is the best plant based Sandwich you have not tasted yet, but shurely should! The brainchild of Freebird’s founder, Patrick Graser Jensen, is a combination of some of his favorite Sandwiches from all around the world. You will find elements of the vietnamese Banh-Mi, indian Dosa’s and austrian Schnitzel Sandwiches in it! Yes even the mighty, danish Pork Sandwich (Flæskestegs Sandwich) finds it’s way into our Soulwich (in form of the irresistible pickled red onions). This creation does not lack in flavour or satisfactory benefits and already made a lot of people reconsider plant based food and what it could look like, because let us be honest: We all love greasy, salty and most important delicious food at some point 😉

Bar Service


Service minded and Skilled, our bartenders highest priority is to ensure that your experience with Freebird is not just professional, but also personal and ultimately, unforgettable! Our bartenders were trained in some of the best bars in Denmark and are experts in making you the best classic cocktails! If desired, we can create a cocktail menu together with you and  especially for your event! We specialize in making High Ball Drinks, which are quick to make and easy to drink! For any cocktails or services, the spirits and products we use are only from the highest quality. Please get in touch, so we can guide you to your perfect event!

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From entertaining a group of ladies for their bachelorette party or talking ‘nerdy’ with a group of gentleman about how a Martini has to be stirred (or the other way around) –  we have done it before and we love to help you impress your guests with a customised cocktail course! Our skilled staff is able to adjust to any request, regardless of the skill level of the guests. Please get in touch, so we can arrange the perfect Course for you!

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Our Bartenders used to be in charge of some of the best stocked bars in Copenhagen and therefore are specialists (read nerds) when it comes to spirit knowledge. (you got to love what you are working with)! We believe in ‘The better the spirit – the better the cocktail’. This is the reason why you will only get top spirits to try and compare in our tasting courses. You pick the spirit and we will come up with a great program where we talk about the production process and the history of the spirit which of course is highlighted by a few fun facts and trivia! Get in touch, so we can make the perfect tasting happening for you!

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Food Philosophy

We do strongly believe that the future of food is a plant based one! From every perspective it makes sense and we feel that we are on the brink of a big change in society and how we eat and live. We want to be part of this adventure and want to introduce people to plant based food, without compromising in flavour or experience. It is hard to convince people to change their habits of eating, if the alternatives are not as satisfying as what they are used to.

That is where Freebird comes into the picture, because we first and foremost care about how good our food is and how much satisfaction you get from it. A lot of more things are ready to be tested, by our lovely guests, as for example our Cray-Cray Chocolate Cake with fermented soy yoghurt, maraschino cherries, burnt coconut candy, house made peach marmelade and lavender salt! We do, of course, care a lot about our health and therefore soon will present our healthy dishes to you!

We are very happy about winning ’Most Original Dish’ at the CPH Street-Food-Festival in 2017, and it shows which way we try to go with our food and drinks!

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